video courtesy of Raffaella Dice

The Green Moustache Organic Juice, Smoothie + Live Food Bar is what your body is craving.

Visit us to nutrify, detoxify and uplift your body, mind, + soul.

Our Priorities:

Organic + Local. Delicious + Nutritious

Oh, and we want to help you achieve optimum health using food as your medicine.

We do this by serving up only 100% Organic food, juices, smoothies + desserts

Every menu item is made from scratch and everything is fresh and pure which you’ll consume in its most natural form. This means no preservatives, processed, canned, sulphured, or prepackaged products.

Food colouring – no way! Flavouring (fake or “natural”) – forget it. GMO’s never.

Ice or water fillers? Nope. Takes up too much nutritional real estate in our smoothies + juices.

And we severely restrict the amount of sodium in our meals which means your heart + cells will love us.

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